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            Super-fine Guanidine Nitrate  
            Cupric nitrate,basic  
            Super-fine cupric oxide  
            Ammonium Nitrate Phase stabilized  
            Guanidine Nitrate  
            Super-fine Calcium Carbonate  
            Calcium Carbonate  
            Super-fine Strontium Nitrate  
            High Purity Antimony Trisulfide  
            10# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  
            12# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  

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             Coffer Alibaba  


                    Sanming Coffer Fine Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a company specializing in developing and manufacturing new material for air- bag only.

                    Sanming Coffer had a long experience focusing on researching and developing the new material for air-bag; now the finished products are in the first class of the world, which includes Super-fine Guanidine Nitrate, Copper Nitrate Basic, Ammonium Nitrate Phase stabilized, Cupric Oxide, 2.4-Dinitrotoluene and so on and 90% of which had been exported to Germany,American,Japan,Brazil,Chile,Canada,Australia,Korean,etc.

                    Over a long period of time,  Sanming Coffer constantly take in the quality audit and inspection from the world well-known company and domestic related company. Now the reliable quanlity management system assures the good quality and stabilization. And product diversity is one of the characteristics.

                    Sanming Coffer is doing endeavors to be the No.1 of the air-bag  gas-generating materials production base in the world.

                    Sanming Coffer is the best choice for you to cooperate with! 

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